Coreen Zerr

Teacher, Mentor, Fibre Artist, Commissioned Artist, Quilter

Coreen Zerr - Fibre Artist and Quilting Instructor  Coreen Zerr

"Eyes of the Wise" (below) won Excellence in Threadwork using Wonderfil Threads at Quilt Canada National Juried Show - June, 2016.
Eyes of the Wise - Excellence in Threadwork award at Quilt Canada National Juried Show - June, 2016

Artist Statement

I am a fibre artist living in Nanaimo, BC, who utilizes fabric and thread to create art in a way that captures the elements of texture, colour and line that fibre can achieve.  I want my work to show what can be created with these elements and to educate others. The tactile feel of this art is exhilarating and rewarding.  I create realistic art, often using the beautiful scenery and nature of the world around me.  Using thread as my paintbrush, I use a domestic sewing machine to “paint” what I see.

Trees have been a major inspiration to me, trees , all kinds in all seasons.  When I went through my portfolio even I was astounded at how many pieces I have created that interpret trees in one form or another. They have also been one of the many ideas I use when planning workshops.  It is enjoyable to experience students creating tree branches, breaking all former rules in sewing!

Living on Vancouver Island gives me plenty of opportunity to study trees and their cycles during the year. Being one of our most important resources, I have followed and mourned the loss of many of our beautiful forests in British Columbia by the devastation of the Pine Beetle and of forest fires.

My current works are based on photos taken by a fellow artist photographer Don Zeghers, while on safari in Africa and his study of birds and nature of North America.

When not teaching or travelling, she lives with her husband on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, BC.

Serengeti Moment wins 1st place 2014
Myself along with my partner Krista Zeghers won 1st place at the National Juried CQA/ACC show 2014 for Original Design Pictorial Wall Quilt for
Serengeti Moment


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Serengeti Moment


Manitoba Homecoming quilt Competition 2010 - 1st Place!

The quilt to the left is the quilt that my sister in law Phyllis Gane and I entered in the competition.

The quilt will be showcased at Manitoba House at the Olympics in February as well as many events throughout Manitoba in 2010.

We are thrilled!

This quilt has been juried into the AQS Paduch Kentucky Show
- April 2011

We just won "Best of Country" at the Worlds!
- August 18, 2011

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