Light and Life of the World

7th Day of Creation

Wisdom Along the Way

Lenten Seascape

Beneath the Surface


Nine Patch Media Midnight Roses Commission Work

for Sharon Pederson and Elizabeth Phillips to showcase their latest pattern Midnight Roses- I made 3 identical for them - the embroidery was not done by me - just the construction and quilting. The Log and Roses quilt on the design wall was pieced by Sharon and quilted by me.

Finished Quilts September 2011

Close up of Nine Patch Commission Quilt




Vancouver Island Correctional Center Chapel

a commission piece for the Vancouver Island Correctional Center in Victoria for their Chapel.

This fabric art is intended to invite viewers – inmates and staff – into a moment of reflection, and to refresh the human spirit by its colours, textures and images. The single Arbutus tree on the rocky island reaches high towards the Light, and sinks its roots deep into the sea and soil in search of elements that ground us and give us Life. Ghosted into the sky and landscape are the religious symbols of twelve faith traditions and the constellation Orion, which remind us that the things which nourish the Spirit can be found all around us, if we choose to look for them. Below the waterline, the vibrant undersea community is a reminder that there is often much depth and richness just beneath the surface of things, which we will miss if we fail to take the time to look a little deeper.

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